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Patsy –mum
Jo –daughter
The other daughter
The mysterious man
Jo’s 3-week-old baby boy
Sonja and Heidi –2 students from Finland
Laura and Petra –students living nearby

Episode 101: The arrival

Students arrive, and Patsy introduces them to Jo and the other daughter, whose name they don’t catch. She doesn’t say that they are her daughters, though. The first appearance of the mysterious man: he goes to toilet, and sees the students, but doesn’t introduce himself. The other daughter isn’t very friendly to students.

Episode 102: Stairs, toilets and an armour

Students go to London and don’t see much of their host family. The second appearance of the mysterious man: Sonja sees him going down the stairs with no shirt on.

Episode 103: To adopt or not to adopt?

Family is arguing whether to give their baby away or not. Jo wants to keep her baby, but the others are tired of taking care of him. They’re also arguing about the social service, somebody doesn’t want to involve it. All this happens while students are eating practically in the same room…

Episode 104: Scream in the night

Students are again in London. When they come home in the evening, there is no arguing, but they can tell that there has been an argument, because everybody still seems to be kinda angry. Patsy calls the social service. Students also notice that eveybody is smoking near the baby. Students are watching ”Who wants to be a millionaire?” in their room upstairs, when the other daughter comes in screaming ”Girls! Girls!”. When she opens the door, se suddenly calms down, and says something about the TV being on. The students don’t know why she panicked.

Episode 105: The gunshot

Students come home about 5.30 p.m. They’re walking with two other students, Laura and Petra, who are living nearby, when they first see a police car driving with lights on. Then just after few seconds, they hear a gunshot from the direction where the police car went. About one hour later, they see an ambulance going to same direction. The atmospher in the house is awkward. The baby is still there, and now there are two strange women. The students know know if the social service has been in the house. When they have eaten dinner and walk through the living room, the other daughter stares at them in a hostile way. In the evening, when the students are talking in their room, the other daughter storms in and tells them to be more quiet. Students are wondering why, because they have talked in their room every evening.

Episode 106: The season finale: Secrets are revealed

The students are going back home, and they finally do a family interview. Patsy tells them that the mysterious man is called Shane, and he is her son. The name of the other daughter is Lisa, but she’s actually the only daughter. Patsy tells the girls that Jo is their friend, and they’re taking care of her baby because Jo is inexperienced. Later the students hear from their teachers that Jo is actually addicted to heroin!! She doesn’t live at the Stewarts, but she spends her days there taking care of her baby, who stays in the house for 3 months. During that time Jo has to prove to the court that she is able to taken care of her son, or he will be adopted to some family. Jo has also had a baby earlier, who had to be taken to rehab right after their birth, because (s)he was so addicted to heroin.
Last scene: surprised faces of Heidi and Sonja.